Let our Church Bell Ring!

The facade and bell tower of the parish church / shrine of Our Lady of Grace

The Knights of Columbus Council 5617 has undertaken to install a bell on the famous bell tower of the parish church of Our Lady of Grace.  For almost half a century, faithful Catholics look up the tower to see the

Why we need a bell/s installed in the belfry of our parish church / shrine?

1.  Bells have Biblical foundations:

Exodus 39:22-24 “And beneath at the feet pomegranates of violet, purple, scarlet, and fine twisted linen: And little bells of the purest gold, which they put between the pomegranates at the bottom of the tunick round about: To wit, a bell of gold, and a pomegranate, wherewith the high priest went adorned, when he discharged his ministry, as the Lord had commanded Moses.”

Ecclesiasticus 45:9-11 “And he girded him about with a glorious girdle, and clothed him with a robe of glory, and crowned him with majestic attire. He put upon him a garment to the feet, and breeches, and as ephod, and he compassed him with many little bells of gold all round about, That as he went there might be a sound, and a noise made that might be heard in the temple, for a memorial to the children of his people.”

2.  Bells in the history of Christianity is the only sound that calls us to stop whatever we are doing and pray. For more than 1,500 years, bells are undoubtedly looked upon by both Catholics and non-Catholics alike voice of the Church, in weal and woe, warning of danger and announcing celebration.

3.  Bells are uniquely Catholic

During the Protestant rebellion, the protestants saw that the church bell is uniquely catholic and therefore must go. While most Protestant churches have towers and spires like the Mormons and the Iglesia ni Cristo these do not have any bells and do not serve any other purpose other than pure aesthetics. Catholic churches on the other hand have towers and spires that house bells where they continually rung for centuries in peacetime and in war, to call her flock to the sheepfold, just like how the sheep know their Good Shepherd and Him his flock.  (cf. John 10:14)

By the grace of God the Almighty and by the prayers of our patroness, Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Grace, the fund-raising project to place a bell in the famous belfry of Our Lady of Grace also knows as the Grace Park Cross Bell Tower will soon house both an electronic carillon and cast bronze bells.

Starting today, we will be accepting donations for this project.  We will publish the names of the donors and the amount they donated here in our website.  If the donor wishes to make his name anonymous or by using his initials or code names only, we will gladly oblige.

For more about the history of our parish and shrine, please click here.


You may send your email inquiries and online pledges to the following contact details:

Sir Knight Rommel F. Lopez
Worthy Grand Knight
Columbian Year 2012 – 2013
email address: rommelflopez@gmail.com

Sir Knight Emil S. Kimwell, PGK
Worthy Trustee for 3 years
email address: emilskimwell@yahoo.com

You may also post your pledge here:

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